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CORPI, obres i promocions, SL offers its construction services throughout Catalonia, drawing on its valuable technical know-how to develop both new builds and refurbishment and maintenance works.

We have extensive and proven experience in construction works for public authorities and industry, in particular within the food sector, where we put our technical expertise and experience in sanitation projects to good use.

We stand out for offering services with high levels of quality in the delivery of works and a strong commitment to the timescales of the projects we embark on with our customers.

Types of construction in which we work (new build, refurbishments and maintenance):

  • Generalist industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Public health buildings
  • Teaching buildings
  • Social buildings
  • Housing
  • Sewage treatment plants

Construction elements developed by us (among others):

  • Large concrete structures
  • Prefabricated, standard and made-to-measure
  • Metallic structures
  • Large retaining walls

Industrial construction elements developed by us (among others):

  • Bunkers for steam boilers
  • Fire protection and sectorisation
  • White rooms (pharmacy)
  • Food processing rooms
  • Stainless steel sanitaryware
  • Machinery rooms
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Corpi obres i promocions, SL  |  C. Mas de les Vinyes, 29  |  08570 - Torellˇ (Barcelona - Spain)  |  Tel. +34 93 859 20 94 - Fax +34 93 850 56 68  |  info@corpi.cat